EPIC National

Welcome to the beginning of EPIC National. Formerly known as the Young Professionals, Emerging Professionals in Camping (EPIC) will seek to:

  • Connect: Bring together emerging professionals in camping around the country
  • Educate: Provide meaningful learning opportunities for all members
  • Coordinate: Create opportunities for EPICs to get involved in ACA and the camp community
  • Advocate: Bring to light issues important to the EPIC community

There are over 2,400 ACA accredited camps in the nation. The American Camping Association has a membership of over 7,000. Emerging Professionals in Camping’s are a fragment of this population. Being an EPIC not only means to be involved in assisting today’s leaders in camping, but also to prepare to become the leaders of tomorrow.

EPIC’s will look to work with one another across the country and continue to develop the camping industry with the future in mind. This objective is accomplished through the design of and participation in various EPIC events. Involvement in EPIC events such as workshops and social networking opportunities give EPIC’s a chance to meet, exchange ideas, and discuss previous camp successes to improve for the future and improve the quality of the camping industry as a whole.

In order to better serve the community, we need your ideas and inolvement. Please give us your Feedback.